Dec 2023 Larinite Website Archives

First part published on: 8 Mar 2019
Transferred on: 11 Dec 2023

11 Dec 2023: These are old parts of the Larinite website kept as records for future reference. Many things have been transferred over so the Larinite website can be used to focus on delivering the best player experience possible. In other words, that website should only show crucial information for the players.

On the homepage on: 11 Dec 2023

Larinite consists of 2 upcoming indie games in development. One is a cross-platform mobile game with turn-based combat, and the other is 3D and multiplayer.

Adding Tumblr as a main blogging platform

First published on 31 Oct 2020
Accurate as of 14 Mar 2021

Note: From 14 Mar 2021 and onwards, this will longer be the case. I'll just be posting on Twitter and Patreon for now.

I've kept the post below as a record:

"I will now be using both Tumblr and Patreon as my main blogging platforms for small and minor updates to Larinite. Major updates will appear on the official website and on other social media platforms for the game.

Because Twitter can be linked to Tumblr, the same posts may appear there too. If any posts are too long, they will be redirected to my website blog."

Website Update

First published on 8 Mar 2019
Accurate as of 03 Jun 2024

I've made some changes to the home page today. It now focuses on showing the core features of this game.

Below is what used to appear on the homepage:

"Larinite is a casual and educational game still under development. It will feature an interesting story, quests and characters, the ability to collect and craft items, skill trees, and a unique 2D pixel art environment to move around in and discover. Aside from the main story, you can make your own story in the game by doing optional quests, and interacting with other characters.

Educational- You leave the game always feeling that you have learnt something.

Casual- it is a relaxing game that is meant to be played casually.

No combat route- you don't have to fight to progress through the game.

Mobile- the target is mobile devices and gaming consoles, but is first playable on PC."