Chinese/Japanese Input Methods On Windows 10

Date of Last Update: 11 Jan 2020

winkey + space : Switches between language input methods.


alt-~ (tilde) : Cycles between Hiragana/Katakana (Kana) and English.

alt-caps_lock : Switches to Katakana.

ctrl-caps_lock : Switches to Hiragana.

space : You can convert Romaji into Kana or Kanji just using SPACE and ENTER.

up/down : Alternatively (or sometimes after SPACE) you can use the up/down keys to select other Kana or Kanji options.

enter : Confirm selection.


You can customize the keyboard shortcuts for this input method by right-clicking the "中" or "英" character on the taskbar then going to "Settings".

Default keyboard shortcuts:

ctrl + space : Chinese/English mode switch.

shift : Chinese/English mode switch (this is default but it is customizable).

ctrl + shift + f : Simplified/Traditional Chinese Input Switch.