Complete Nuclear Disarmament

Date of Last Update: 14 Mar 2022. Originally published on 8 Mar 2022.

14 Mar 2022: Just found Mikhail Gorbachev's interview with the BBC in 2019 on YouTube. He says same thing: "...all nations, that nuclear weapons must be destroyed..." I have written the transcript of that interview. If anyone wants it- just ask.

I first heard about the topic of nuclear disarmament when I studied history during A-levels, and again when I studied a bit of modern European history at university. Since then, some progress has been made on this topic. For example, ICAN won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2017:

Source: ICAN Nobel Peace Prize Lecture in 2017

However, recent events have proven that this is not enough. I was thinking about this recently and perhaps complete nuclear disarmament could be an option. What I mean is, is that it needs to actually be done- completed across all the nations named in the lecture, and across the entire world. The weapons and the instructions to make them, all need to be destroyed completely at first. Only then should we worry about it being enforced. We go back to a state that existed before. That state is hard to get to, but we all know it is possible, then we find ways to enforce it (this would be more difficult perhaps).

There was some argument against this that I thought of but I don't remember it, something to do with the study of science, nuclear weapons, or nuclear energy, or restricting freedom. You could still study it of course. But it takes time to build nuclear weapons, it doesn't occur instantaneously (it may but I'm hoping not). We get some time to stop its recreation.

Just writing my thoughts down. This article could change, or be removed in the future. I want to think of it as just a continuation of my history lessons.

Another reminder, so maybe I won't forget.