Installing RAM

Date of Last Update: 25 Sep 2020

After installing my RAM on the wrong colored slots and perhaps wrongly using different types of RAM on the same motherboard, I've decided to write some notes about this topic.

  • Your motherboard's website might show you a list of a lot of compatible RAM for your motherboard, and the brand name and unique ID for each of the RAM.
  • Check the manual for your motherboard (which can possibly be found on the motherboard's website) for instructions on how to place RAM onto your motherboard.
  • For Dual Channel Memory Configuration, you do not place a pair of RAM beside each other, you SKIP A SLOT. This is also color coded (you get alternating colors and NOT the same colored slot right beside each other). In other words, put pairs of RAM/memory modules in the SAME COLORED slots.
  • You should buy and install memory with the same voltage (e.g. 1.5V), capacity/size (in GB), brand, speed (e.g. 2133 Mhz), and CAS latency/CL (e.g. 9, 10, 11). Ideally, all memory modules should be exactly the same. DDR3 is totally incompatible with DDR4.